Tracing Locking Your Windows Phone Free Using Windows Live

If you are proud owner of Windows Phone 7, then you must me amazed by the way your phone is integrated with Windows Live. Well, I was surprised when I switched on my phone and it asked for my live id and after entering my hotmail credentials, I could see everything like live contacts, sky drive, facebook, hotmail, live photos and much more configured automatically with my windows phone in a matter of few seconds.

Losing or misplacing your lovable windows phone would be anyone’s worst nightmare. May be few of you would have already explored the features of the Windows Live – Devices by now but, for the ones who haven’t, this is the article I am writing for.

Synchronizing your device with Windows Live will a be a piece of cake if you already have a live id. You can sign in to your live id on the phone during the setup process or even at the later stage. Once you are done with your setup, your device will start appearing on your live devices.


To get to this menu, all you will need to do is to go to and click on Windows Live, you will see the menu. You can also go to your devices page from Zune by clicking on “do more with windows live” as shown below.


Or you can directly get to your devices page using

 Now this is how my devices on live look like.


Clicking on your mobile will take to your mobile dashboard on live.


Now I can see my phone’s dashboard with all the things I synched (automatically) with Windows Live the last time. The first thing I would do after getting the mobile is, go to the settings and subscribe email to my mail id to get a confirmation mail whenever I try to lock my phone or to map my phone. This would help me from somebody vandalizing my phone in case my live account in compromised.


But also remember this will force you to have access to your email account when you want to lock your lost mobile or trace it.

Now here comes the harder part when you lose your mobile. Click on “Find My Phone”.


Map it will show where your phone was last found when it tried to connect to live.

Ring it is a good option to find your phone when you have misplaced it.

Lock it will lock your phone with a message of your choice displayed on the phone.

Erase it will erase all your information on the phone.

For all the above 3 options to work, you will need to set up your phone to have “Find My Phone” enabled on your phone as Settings –> Find My Phone which will consume data transfer of your connection. wit all these features added with the phone lock, SIM lock, your phone will be as safe as in your vault. Since live is evolving, we are still waiting for further more effective and easy features available.

Once again congrats for your new Windows Phone and I advice to keep your precious asset safe.

Tracing Locking Your Windows Phone Free Using Windows Live

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