Surface Movement Ringtone

After Surface Movement commercial going viral, I decided that to upload this ringtone for Windows Phone. The file is ringtone ready and so all you have to do is download and sync using Zune.

Download Surface Movement

For more info on how to set custom ringtone in Windows phone, refer here.


Convert is a Windows phone app which  enables unit conversion easy and more simple than you ever thought. Just type the search text and the app will interpret the text and show the result in a windows 8 interface.


  • Plain text search; no dropdown.
  • Auto suggest (configurable).
  • Windows 8 UI.
  • Text output to allow copy to clipboard.
  • Share output through mail.
  • Auto internet search for unavailable conversions (configurable).

You can download it from here


SOFA (Simple Object Framework Assembly) is targeted building business applications without making complex coding. I am targeting at the small and mid level business applications where we need a very simple and straight forward framework to assist the development rather having a complex framework with 95% of the features which we don’t use. SOFA’s initial release will target at Caching for collections and objects. This version will have the option to cache data in static variables. I am looking forward to extend the providers to memory mapped files and file storage. You can download your version at For commercial usage please write to me at to obtain a free license.

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