Whats New In Windows Phone Mango

As we all are aware that Windows Phone 7 is a huge success in the market, and Microsoft is really committed to keep the bar raising with every release. Windows Phone Mango will be the next major release in the smart phone market. Though there are multiple unanswered questions we have at this moment, there are very certain features that are going to hit the market which will put the windows phone at the top of smart phone market.

I would love to provide you few details on the same.


Almost everybody on the earth wants this feature. And yes Mango will come with this feature and along with the same, you will have a Fast App Switching (FAS) and there will be dedicated windows phone background agents to manage all your background tasks.

IE 9 Browser

Hooray! Windows phone will now render HTML 5 and what else IE 9 will bring the same faster browsing to the phone.

New Sensor APIs

The APIs for for camera (with streaming support), Compass, Gyroscope, Motion sensing will be made available. With these developers can write better applications and users can use the best out of their phones. Well now you will be able to do a live streaming from your windows phone.

Socket Connections

Socket connection APIs will be made available which will help developers in writing much better network applications which are reliable and faster than the normal Http modal.


The update in this area tells developers “Why should they love Microsoft”. Mango will bring SQL CE for storage access to Windows phone and you will be able to write LINQ to SQL queries to fetch your data. Also access to phone’s contacts and calendar will provided to any application developed.

XNA – Silverlight Integration

XNA and Silverlight will not be divided anymore, instead you will be able you develop applications which will overlay both the technologies and bringing the best to the application.

Emulator Advancements

The new emulator which will ship with the next SDK will have facility to simulate sensor data like GPS, accelerometer providing a better way to test the application without deploying on a realy phone. The new SDK wil be announced on 14th May 2011.

New Markets

New markets and countries are also being announced today. I will update the same once the announcement is done.


Keep watching the Mix 2011 sessions to get more insight on the upcoming technologies.

Whats New In Windows Phone Mango

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