Multi Language / Multicultural Exception Handling In WCF Using FaultReason

It was during the Virtual Tech Days when I was presenting the “Exception Handling In WCF” session, one attendee wanted on how to use the fault reason to have multilingual / multicultural exceptions being handled and shown without any extra code. And so I promised him to post an article on the same and here it is now.

To start with FaultReason accepts a list of FaultReasonText which can be basically said to have exception messages for multiple cultures. The same can be add as below.


List reasonText = new List();
 reasonText.Add(new FaultReasonText("Good Morning World", new CultureInfo("en-US")));
 reasonText.Add(new FaultReasonText("Bon matin mondiale", new CultureInfo("fr-FR")));
 reasonText.Add(new FaultReasonText("????? ???? ???", new CultureInfo("he-IL")));
 reasonText.Add(new FaultReasonText("??? ???????? ??????", new CultureInfo("hi-IN")));


Now all I have to do is to set the culture in the UI to the current thread and call the method to get the current culture and bind the property as below.




Where ex will be the FaultException. Always remember that this works only with SOAP 1.2 and therefore you will need to write a custom binding as mentioned in the sample below.

Download (77.31 kb)

Multi Language / Multicultural Exception Handling In WCF Using FaultReason

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