Azure Tutorial; Be in cloud (Part 5) [Storage Account – Introduction]

Windows Azure – Storage Now that we have already completed the part of compute, we will now dive into another bigger advantage of the Azure; the storage. This shouldn’t be confused with the hosting space provided by many hosting vendors. Unlike the hosting space, or disk space provided by most of the vendors, this is […]

Azure Tutorial; Be in cloud (Part 3) [Web Role]

  Windows Azure – Compute (Web Role) As the title says, we are now going to talk about the service which allows the programmer to create application which will enable the cloud to exhibit it’s potential on computing.   Roles Azure development is categorized based on the roles and they are widely categorized as below. […]

Azure Tutorial; Be in cloud (Part 2) [Pre-requisites]

Microsoft Azure; Get Started We have already talked enough about cloud. If you haven’t gone through the introduction part and very naïve to cloud, I would suggest you reading it here. From now we will talk only with respect to Microsoft Azure. We will start getting ready to start the development.   Prerequisites For you […]

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