Tip: Null Coalescing Operator To Define Default Value For Nullable Types – Double Question Mark

We all know that defining a nullable type in C# is very simple as below int? value; And when you want to check whether the value is null, then there are definitely multiple way you could do. // First option. if(value == null) { //Write the code here } // Second Option. if(!value.HasValue) { //Write […]

Tip: Customizing / Adding Image To Radio Button List Control

Today I will share a tip through which you can customize the way your RadioButtonList control will look. Below is a simple code which will enable to add me icons for the radio buttons in the list. protected void ErrorPriority_DataBound(object sender, EventArgs e) { try { foreach (ListItem item in this.ErrorPriority.Items) { Priority priority = […]

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