Complete XAML Solution For SelectAll In Datagrid

Over the period of time lot of asks and solutions were made for selectall selector for DataGrid. However, I failed to see a solution which is completely built on XAML. When my friend approached me, I thought that I will write my own. The idea is to have a template column with a separate definition for […]

Pin / Unpin Control Template For Toggle Button

I was looking for a template which will help put a pin / unpin button using toggle button. Thanks to Antoni Dol who has already shared a fantastic template in his blog. I had to make few changes with respective to the pinned style as I didn’t like the original one. So I made few […]

How To Check If Cookies Are Enabled In Windows Phone

Windows Phone as of today doesn’t provide a property or direct API call which will help you identify whether the user has chosen to accept cookies or not. However, we can identify this pretty neatly by trying to get the cookie collection. So to achieve this, we are going to get the cookie collection for […]

Byte Array To BitmapImage Converter For Windows Phone Silverlight

While you are binding a byte array of an image file to a Image control in WPF, it displays the image without any problem since, it has the converter for the same defined withing itself. While in Windows Phone, you don’t get the same liberty as with the WPF. Below is the code which I […]

Radio Button List Box With Seperate Group Name in Silverlight

I am developing a windows phone application and came across a situation where I needed mulitple radio button list box binding different values of same type. When I went for a control template as below, everything went just fine except that I ended up having the group name which means that doesn’t matter I have […]

Application Bar Button / Menu Item Not Firing Binding in Windows Phone

On a Windows Phone application and if you are using a two way binding along with Application Bar Button or Menu, you might be having a nightmare that the binding for the last focused control is not happening when you click the application bar button or menu. Now let’s have a look why this happens. If you […]

Highlighted Features & Improvements In Silverlight 5

While I am watching the live streaming of the much awaited Silverlight Fire Starter, I decided to write on the new interesting and highlighted features of the upcoming Silverlight 5 as pointed out by Scott Guthire. Highlighted New Features Hardware Decode : All the media streamed in Silverlight can now take the advantage of GPU […]

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