Azure Tutorial; Be in cloud (Part 5) [Storage Account – Introduction]

Windows Azure – Storage Now that we have already completed the part of compute, we will now dive into another bigger advantage of the Azure; the storage. This shouldn’t be confused with the hosting space provided by many hosting vendors. Unlike the hosting space, or disk space provided by most of the vendors, this is […]

Ping remote machines using .net

If you are looking for to ping a remote machine and you want to record the state along with status and return time, below example can help you.   private void Ping_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { List domains = new List(); domains.Add(“www.bing.com”); domains.Add(“www.yahoo.com”); domains.Add(“jebarson.info”); foreach (string domain in domains) { Ping pinger = new Ping(); […]

Recovering your application from unhandled exception in .net

Exception handling is one of the nightmare and the best practice for any programmer. But doesn’t matter how good the programmer is, there will be always a chance of unhandled exception daunting the users. .net 2.0+ however has a better option of handling it which is focused on recovering your application on the next start. […]

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