Exception: Value For One Of The Query Parameters Specified In The Request URI Is Invalid at CloudBlockBlob.PutBlock Method

If you are encountering this exception on CloudBlockBlob.PutBlock method, then you might be one of the unfortunate developer who is trying to figure out what went wrong without much support from the exception object. Though there are many reasons for the same, one of the common mistake is the encoding we use. Let me detail […]

Multi Language / Multicultural Exception Handling In WCF Using FaultReason

It was during the Virtual Tech Days when I was presenting the “Exception Handling In WCF” session, one attendee wanted on how to use the fault reason to have multilingual / multicultural exceptions being handled and shown without any extra code. And so I promised him to post an article on the same and here […]

Exception Handling In WCF – Virtual Tech Days Presentation

I am making this post explicitly for the people who attended the my presentation on Exception Handling In WCF at Virtual Tech Days. Below are the url where you can download my presentation and Demo application. I will write another posting explaining the demo for the persons who didn’t attend my session. To give an […]

Recovering your application from unhandled exception in .net

Exception handling is one of the nightmare and the best practice for any programmer. But doesn’t matter how good the programmer is, there will be always a chance of unhandled exception daunting the users. .net 2.0+ however has a better option of handling it which is focused on recovering your application on the next start. […]

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