Get / Set Site Properties Using Powershell For Sharepoint Site

Powershell is a very powerful tool which can be used to automate almost everything by writing scripts. It’s already making the life easier for people who does the deployment. Recently, I came across a need where I wanted to set and get the site properties for a sharepoint site and wrote the following code for […]

Azure Tutorial; Be in cloud (Part 5) [Storage Account – Introduction]

Windows Azure – Storage Now that we have already completed the part of compute, we will now dive into another bigger advantage of the Azure; the storage. This shouldn’t be confused with the hosting space provided by many hosting vendors. Unlike the hosting space, or disk space provided by most of the vendors, this is […]

A Leap In Embedded Programming; .Net Micro Framework

Introduction We .net programmers are definitely proud that .net is everywhere. Today .net is everywhere from controlling satellites to controlling bicycles. You heard it right, my fellow employee Colin Miller has already developed an application using .Net micro framework which reads every data from a bicycle through cloud. So whats interesting? Right from the device […]

Highlighted Features & Improvements In Silverlight 5

While I am watching the live streaming of the much awaited Silverlight Fire Starter, I decided to write on the new interesting and highlighted features of the upcoming Silverlight 5 as pointed out by Scott Guthire. Highlighted New Features Hardware Decode : All the media streamed in Silverlight can now take the advantage of GPU […]

Azure Tutorial; Be in cloud (Part 3) [Web Role]

  Windows Azure – Compute (Web Role) As the title says, we are now going to talk about the service which allows the programmer to create application which will enable the cloud to exhibit it’s potential on computing.   Roles Azure development is categorized based on the roles and they are widely categorized as below. […]

Multi Language / Multicultural Exception Handling In WCF Using FaultReason

It was during the Virtual Tech Days when I was presenting the “Exception Handling In WCF” session, one attendee wanted on how to use the fault reason to have multilingual / multicultural exceptions being handled and shown without any extra code. And so I promised him to post an article on the same and here […]

Exception Handling In WCF – Virtual Tech Days Presentation

I am making this post explicitly for the people who attended the my presentation on Exception Handling In WCF at Virtual Tech Days. Below are the url where you can download my presentation and Demo application. I will write another posting explaining the demo for the persons who didn’t attend my session. To give an […]

Ping remote machines using .net

If you are looking for to ping a remote machine and you want to record the state along with status and return time, below example can help you.   private void Ping_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { List domains = new List(); domains.Add(“”); domains.Add(“”); domains.Add(“”); foreach (string domain in domains) { Ping pinger = new Ping(); […]

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